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Dr Alan McGilvary


“When I arrived in Sydney I inherited an organization which according to a Hewitt survey, had an engagement score in the bottom 10% of all Australian organizations. I knew I had a problem and realized I had to do something but I had no idea where and how to start putting it right. Peter Fuda changed all that. Peter is a very easy person to get to know and radiates a wealth of experience. He was the driving force behind the cultural transformation that occurred at Bayer ANZ. He became my personal leadership coach. He catalyzed my transformation from an aggressive style leader to a leader who really began to understand and implement the effective styles of leadership which enabled the organization to be far more successful. In a nutshell, Peter Fuda was the prime reason why Bayer ANZ transformed its culture in 5 years to be awarded the prestigious honor of being nominated in the top 10 employers in Australia. I can’t think of any better accolade than that.”

Dr Alan McGilvary, CEO & Chairman, Bayer

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