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Timothy Castree (book)


“The first thing that struck me about Dr. Fuda’s book was the relatable fallibility of the leaders that “transformed”. These are not high and mighty CEO’s who have had their stories polished by their PR teams. These are real women and men who are striving to align themselves, their executive teams and their organizations behind a common purpose and shared success. They seem to care about the humans as well as the balance sheets. Or perhaps, more importantly, they understand that one precedes the other. Dr. Fuda’s use of 7 leadership metaphors and the personal stories behind the transformation elevate this book above the dozens of other leadership texts I have read by creating a deeper connection with the reader. I recommend this book in the spirit of the growing necessity that exists for all companies to understand that their successes rise and fall on the shared human experience of the people in their workforce, the importance of all managing for all stakeholders (not just fickle shareholders) and the role of the CEO in aligning these constituents through a human-centered leadership approach. Well done Dr. Fuda.”

Timothy Castree, CEO, Leo Burnett

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