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John Nicolas Wilkinson (book)


“For me, reading `Leadership Transformed’, a new book by Dr. Peter Fuda, was a rare pleasure. I’d strongly recommend it to others. It did two things that most books of its genre (business, leadership, self-help etc.) usually fail to do; it kept me interested throughout its 190 pages, eagerly moving through the chapters as I would a good novel; and it made me think, think deeply about the both the specific content of the book and the context in which it applies. Many business books contain one fundamental maxim, which is repeated in several guises. These books can often be summarized in one phrase – do this, or don’t do that. I quickly get bored with them. Peter Fuda provides a much richer and more fulfilling experience as he explains the 7 metaphors for Leadership Transformation that emerged from his research. Each is sufficiently independent to merit separate attention, whilst they are sufficiently complementary and interrelated that they must be considered as a whole. So the book provides a perfect 7 course tasting menu. It’s also fun to read. It’s jargon free and built upon meaningful personal anecdotes from the author and his research subjects.”

John Nicolas Wilkinson, CEO, Binary Tree Inc

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