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It’s great to have big goals and ambitions, but if we never establish our departure point, we dramatically reduce our odds of achieving those goals. Metaphorically speaking, we can’t map the fastest route to London until we know whether we’re leaving from Paris, New York or Sydney.

When I first started this work, I thought it would be really difficult to get a team of senior leaders to agree a shared definition of the future. As it turns out, this is not that difficult at all. Most of us aspire to pretty similar things. In fact, if I showed you the aspiration statements of every organisation I’ve ever worked with, you’d be hard pressed to figure out the industry, let alone the organization.

What is really difficult, for teams and individuals, is to establish a clear, robust and objective departure point to their goals. Once we understand and accept the gap between where we are and where we want to be, we dramatically increase our odds of bridging that gap.

How aligned are you to your aspirations? How aligned is your team? Below is a link to two short surveys from Enixa, either one of which you can complete in 5 minutes, to help you find out.


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