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This short blog and video is designed to help you explore possibility and potential; to conceive goals that are transformational, not incremental. The content comes from Enixa, my new digital product, which aims to democratize transformation

Somersault into the future

If we think about how we develop a goal, a vision or a strategy, we typically start with “Where have we come from?” and then we focus on “Where do we want to go?”

But as soon as we ask the question, “Where have we come from?” we anchor to the past. We instantly limit our field of possibility and potential.

What we want to do is somersault into the future to envision a world that does not yet exist. We want to ask the questions that are open and unlimited. “Where do we really want to be? If everything went extraordinarily well for us, what might be possible? Let’s imagine, we’re sitting here in five years and we’ve achieved greater than we thought possible, what are we celebrating?”

Our memory anchors us to the past, constrains our thinking and limits our field of vision. If we really want to explore what’s possible in our life, we must operate out of imagination not memory.

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