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About the book


Ask around in business circles, and you’ll get a thousand different answers. But now, internationally-renowned leadership expert Dr Peter Fuda has created a single, coherent roadmap for greatness: after more than a decade’s research and practice, Fuda shares the seven common threads that have enabled hundreds of leaders across the world to transform themselves into effective, inspiring leaders.

Fuda has helped leaders on four continents achieve greatness. Previously available only to the select clients of his industry-leading consultancy, now Fuda’s expert knowledge can help kick-start your own leadership transformation.

Exercise Portal

As a commitment to the reader, we have built a highly sophisticated online portal of interactive exercises and resources that draw on some of Peter’s best consulting practices. To our knowledge, this is the first time a leadership author has offered a resource of this quality freely to an audience. Peter has made this investment for two reasons; to share his learnings with the widest possible audience, and to create a continuous learning loop. Access the portal here:

Access the Portal

Fire Animation

HBR Article

In November 2011, Peter and his supervising professor Richard Badham became the first Australians to be published on transformation in the prestigious Harvard Business Review. The very positive reception for Fire, Snowball, Mask, Movie: How Leaders Spark and Sustain Change encouraged Peter to write Leadership Transformed. You can purchase the article from HBR here.

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