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Leading in Uncertainty: How to shorten and sharpen video calls

In the early days of COVID lockdown, many of us marvelled at how seamlessly we switched from face to face meetings, to video-based conversations. In the last couple of weeks, however, some of the initial wonder has given way to fatigue, discontent and resentment. Don’t believe me? Google “Zoom fatigue” and you’ll get 60 million entries!… Read the full blog here.


Leading in Uncertainty: Why our people are contributing more than ever

If you’re like the leaders I’ve spoken to recently, you may be a little surprised by the degree of commitment and ingenuity your people have shown while working remotely. I’ve heard countless stories of people “surpassing expectations”, “working together like never before”, and “delivering miraculous outcomes in record time.” You’ve probably witnessed similar heroics in your organization… Read the full blog here.


Leading in Uncertainty: Helping others embrace a new normal

In a conversation with an executive team earlier this week, a team member asked; “how do I help my team adapt to the ‘new normal’ and understand that the ‘old ways’ of doing things may no longer be relevant?” Of course, this is a challenge many leaders are dealing with right now. Having embraced the need to do things differently yourself, you now need to bring others along on that journey… Read the full blog here.


Leading in Uncertainty: How to approach sacred cows

If you’re like the leaders I’ve spoken with in the past week, then chances are you’re getting some pressure from above to kill a “sacred cow” or two. When people talk about “killing a sacred cow” in business, they mean addressing something or someone that has previously been untouchable, above criticism and beyond question…. Read the full blog here.


Leading in Uncertainty: Decide what to start, stop and continue

This week’s blog was sparked by a conversation with a colleague, who shared with me how current events have encouraged her to reflect on some very big questions. “How truly happy was I with life before COVID?” “What assumptions did I make, that no longer hold true?” “What aspects of my life will I change when we’re through this?”… Read the full blog here.


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