Peter’s professional life is dedicated to the transformation of leaders, teams and whole organizations. Over the past 12 years Peter has delivered on this purpose primarily through the vehicles of management consulting and research. In the last few years, Peter has expanded his commitments in the areas of public speaking and media in an effort to connect with a wider audience on the principles that have enabled him and his organization to achieve unprecedented levels of success in the field of business transformation and alignment.


Though Peter has delivered hundreds of speaking engagements around the world, on a myriad of different topics, they all derive from one of three broad questions;

1. How do you create business transformation?

70% of all “change efforts” fail. Peter & TAP have delivered documented success of greater than 90% over the past decade, produced more than 30 case studies of business transformation, and dozens of CEO referenced outcomes. Peter’s work on business transformation has been featured in a multitude of articles, journals and Dunphy and Jones’ landmark book In Great Company; Unlocking the Secrets of Cultural Transformation.
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2. How do you create leadership transformation?

Peter and TAP have delivered more than 500 measurable cases of individual leadership transformation, and Peter has personally coached more than 200 CEOs to increased levels of effectiveness in the past decade. Peter conducted groundbreaking doctoral research on leadership transformation, which featured as an article in the world’s most prestigious management journal – The Harvard Business Review. His book on the subject; Leadership Transformed: How Ordinary Managers become Extraordinary Leaders in an international bestseller, his original documentary film Beyond the Superhero is licensed to Qantas Airways, and he teaches his original content in the MBA program at Macquarie University where he is a professor of management.

3. How do you become a transformational change agent?

Peter is a leading authority on business and leadership transformation. His obsession with his craft, and the challenge of coping with global impact of his own company, has forced him to codify the approaches, beliefs and standards that enable change agents to create transformation in leaders, teams and entire organizations. Peter’s original change agent framework titled Being, Seeing, Doing outlines the 15 attributes possessed by transformational change agents.



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Testimonials – Speaking


“The world is full of speakers, some with depth and no stage presence, some with stage presence and no depth. Every now and then you find someone who has both – Peter Fuda is one of those people. The extraordinary depth of both his theoretical and hands-on experience makes him the perfect leader for sessions with very senior audiences. Add to that his humble, disarming, and yet highly engaging style and his sessions become true catalysts for change. I had Peter speak to my own team, and amidst a program of more than half a dozen world class speakers he was the most memorable, and more importantly the most impactful. I have no hesitation recommending Peter for any leadership group, anywhere and in any time slot.”

Peter Sheahan, 2009: voted amongst the 25 Most Influential Speakers in the World, Author: Generation Y, Fl!p, and Making it Happen

As a keynote speaker at our 11th Australian Culture and Leadership conference, Peter’s brilliant contribution, to an audience of several thousand people, helped make our 2009 conference one of the most successful ever. Peter communicates his message clearly and powerfully.

Quentin Jones, MD, Human Synergistics Australia

“Peter has presented to our International CEO Forum (a group for 200 CEOs heading up Australian subsidiaries of global multinationals) on numerous occasions and each time has impressed the group with his energy, clear thinking and results –oriented approach to driving change and transformation. He is also highly regarded for the one-on-one mentoring he undertakes with the CEOs. He has wisdom beyond his years!”

James O’Toole, Joint MD, International CEO Forum

“It is very rare that a speaker is able to captivate an entire audience instantly. Especially when the audience is made up of some of Australia’s leading Chief Executives. Peter has spoken to our members many times and always connects on both a professional and a personal level. He is able to engage the audience with his thought provoking ideas, involving them and successfully getting them to share their experiences, their thoughts and their challenges.

John Karagounis, MD, The CEO Circle Group

“As Chairman of the CEO Institute in Queensland I have seen many speakers on leadership over a number of years. Peter Fuda is one of the best. The feedback from all participants in his sessions confirms that Peter has a significant impact on them with his fresh, insightful and very practical views on leadership transformation. His views on the leadership that works in any organisation are highly distinctive and are based on clear core values delivered in a very engaging and entertaining manner.”

Ray Weekes, Chairman, The CEO Institute

“Peter’s session with our 120+ senior leaders proved our most successful meeting to date. Peter bought expertise, energy, humour and a deep insight into the realities of senior leadership to this group. Over a 2 hour period the participants were completely engaged with Peter and the content around ‘business and leadership transformation’; the exercises and discussion groups were robust and provided some great insights and feedback from the group. We hope to work with Peter again in 2014 and would highly recommend him to any other organisation looking for an impactful and cutting edge speaker”.

Kerry Thiedeke, Director, Future Leaders Forum

“Peter delivered a powerful thought provoking plenary session on leadership at Health Workforce Australia’s 2013 conference. It was an inspirational, interactive and energizing session that provided delegates with the tools and insights to become extraordinary leaders. Peter kept everyone engaged with his dynamic and relaxed presentation style. The feedback we received was outstanding and I cannot recommend Peter highly enough.”

Simone Williams, Executive Director, Communication and Marketing, Health Workforce Australia.

“CEO Forum has worked with Peter for many years. He has spoken at numerous briefings we have held, and we very much value the relationship we have with Peter and TAP. Peter’s strengths are his deep knowledge of the companies we work with, and a real understanding of the issues that leaders of those organisations face in trying to bring about change and set a new direction for their people. I know he is held in very high regard by the CEOs he has worked with, and has helped to bring about change in their companies that has stood the test of time. He is a strong communicator, has a relaxed presentation style, and is able to call on a deep reservoir of company experience in responding to questions and issues raised by our members.”

Chris Cheatley, Joint MD, CEO Forum Group

“Our team was thoroughly engaged by Peter with some describing him as the best speaker we’ve ever had at McGrath. Others were genuinely surprised by the degree of wisdom displayed by someone so young. Peter‘s use of anecdotes and real world experience effectively bridge the gap between academic theory and business reality.”

John McGrath, CEO, McGrath

What can I say……..WOW! What a truly terrific, inspiring and informative session you gave – my congratulations. The room was just buzzing after you finished and so many of our members told me how much they had enjoyed your session (myself included) – and the learning’s and insights you provided.  It was a really thoughtful, informative and very relevant session to HR leaders and their teams, few of whom would be immune to the challenges you described.  In my opinion it was one of the best events we’ve ever had. So my congratulations on a truly great session – well done.

Amanda Mckernan, Director, International HR Director Forum, CEO Forum Group

“I am writing to thank you for your personal contribution as a speaker at the AHRI National Convention 2009. We appreciate the manner in which you developed your session and we believe it strongly enhanced the professionalism of the event. A sample of delegate feedback on your session included: Fuda was excellent – very cogent and sensible approach. An extremely useful session, I took a lot away from it. I thought I’d have heard it all before, but was pleasantly surprised by this fresh ‘take’. I have already passed on key messages to team and they are very much on board. Very engaging and the only one seeking interactivity. Absolutely brilliant. So many ‘take aways’.

Peter Wilson AM, National President, AHRI

“With the 2009 UDIA National Congress now over, I wanted to personally thank you for your contribution to the overwhelming success of the event. As a regular speaker at similar events I am particularly mindful of the time and effort that you have made and the many hours of thought and preparation involved in trying to make an original and valuable contribution. With great respect may I say that you have made such a contribution. Thank you for helping us to ‘make a difference’ to our members at the National Congress 2009.”

Brian Stewart, CEO, Urban Development Institute of Australia

“Peter always presents leadership topics of relevance and interest. However, the most critical element is how these topics are delivered with a level of enthusiasm, energy and fun such that the key messages really ‘sink in’. This has been highly beneficial in developing Adelaide Bank’s leadership capabilities. Peter has the unique blend of two critical skills. Firstly he is knowledgeable about his subjects but as importantly, he has the ability to communicate that knowledge to others in a way that the key messages will be remembered.”

Jamie McPhee, CEO, Adelaide Bank

“Peter can not only talk the talk but he also has the lived experience. He is a very talented and motivating individual.”

Maha Sinnathamby, Chairman, Springfield Land Corporation

“Peter provides a contemporary perspective on leadership, change and moral purpose. His capacity to draw on next practice by engaging CEOs both within Australia and overseas has opened up our thinking beyond our own organisation.”

Phil Lambert, Sydney Regional Director, NSW Department of Education

“Peter communicates complex organisational issues with a simple and persuasive clarity. Peter is a unique individual. He moves easily between leading edge theory and practical implementation, and always with the right blend of passion and humour.”

Chris Reynolds, GM Corporate Services, Baulderstone Hornibrook

“Every interaction with Peter stretches my thinking, broadens my perspective and deepens my experience. Peter is one of Australia’s leading experts on organisational change and leadership transformation.”

Chris Lamb, Global HR Director, Bovis Lend Lease