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Daniel Umphray (book)


“As a leader within an organisation who is responsible for facilitating leadership change within a corporate organisation, this book provides an incredibly insightful yet wonderfully fresh breath of air to our world. Leadership Transformed tackles the key challenges that hold a leader back when transforming themselves and the environment they operate in. What really resonated to me is the way in which Peter Fuda opens our eyes to the world of ambition, authenticity, accountability & our ability to reflect. Many, many, many books attempt to influence and inform our understanding, yet none really approach these critical areas with the pragmatism that Fuda does. I write this review as the organisation I work within is currently in partnership with The Alignment Partnership. The principles are not only greatly insightful when you read them, but Peter and his team use these exact metaphors to transform organisations and we’re now seeing the “snowball effect” within our leaders. I’d suggest for any leader, but particularly any transformational change agents looking to expand their understanding of leadership transformation, this sets the tone for a new era in metaphorical language that provides immediacy in ‘switching leaders lights on’.”

Daniel Umphray, Director OD, Luxottica

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