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About Peter

For two decades, Dr. Peter Fuda has been a secret weapon behind the success of leaders, teams and organizations across the globe. He is the Founder and Principal of The Alignment Partnership (TAP), and is also an Adjunct Professor of Management at the MGSM.

As a management consultant, Peter and his team at The Alignment Partnership (TAP) have created some 40 published case studies of business transformation, and more than 1000 individual case studies of leadership transformation around the world. Clients include MasterCard, Kraft, Philips, Bayer, Mars, CSC, Luxottica, Dun & Bradstreet, MSD, Westpac, Telstra, Suncorp, Foxtel and Scentre Group, and the Hong Kong, NSW and Queensland governments. In an environment where 70% of all change efforts fail, TAP has a better than 90% success rate.

As a leadership coach, Peter has enabled more than 200 CEOs to measurably increase their leadership effectiveness and performance.

As a thought leader, Peter is the first Australian ever published on transformation in the Harvard Business Review. He is the Executive Producer of the documentary film Beyond The Superhero, licensed to Qantas. He is also the author of the international bestselling book Leadership Transformed; How Ordinary Managers Become Extraordinary Leaders.

Peter has completed countless speaking engagements to hundreds of thousands of senior executives on four continents, is a regular commentator across print, TV and radio media, and his doctoral research is now required reading at universities from Taiwan to the USA.

Peter holds a doctorate in Business Administration, a Master’s degree in Marketing and Management, and a First Class honours degree in History.

"There's a sacred space where story, metaphor, and data meet, and Peter's work stands solidly in the center of that space. Peter has changed my understanding of transformation."

Brené Brown, Ph.D

“Peter is intellectually exceptional and applies himself commercially brilliantly.”

George Fatouros MD Asia-Pacific, PZ Cussons

"Peter has a great approach, a great brain, coupled with great intuition. He applies them all to help CEO’s and management teams achieve greatness."

Matthew McGrath CEO, Young & Rubicam Brands

"Peter allows you to see that what you consider good can be better, always. Peter is a person who teaches by helping you to see what you need to learn."

Anne Parsons CEO, MediaCom

"Peter can not only talk the talk but he also has the lived experience. He is a very talented and motivating individual."

Maha Sinnathamby Chairman, Springfield Land Corporation

"Peter possesses a rare and valuable mix of outstanding intellect with world class academic qualifications, and a genuine capacity to apply both for great commercial outcomes."

Brett Himbury Global CEO, IFM Investors

"Peter is a strong and decisive leader with great ability to translate strategy into action."

Christine Christian CEO, Dun & Bradstreet

"Peter is ‘a practical visionary’. He has determined exactly how to transform organizations."

Eric Anderson President, LensCrafters

"Peter is the most inspiring expert on leadership and business transformation I have ever met."

Dr. Susanne Fiedler Managing Director, MSD Germany

"I have been highly impressed with Peter. I could say a lot more but my bottom line is that he’s as good as I have ever seen."

Martha N. Johnson Head of GSA, Obama Administration

"Peter has intellectual integrity; he is considered, wise and insightful in all that he shares."

Tim Sims Managing Director, Pacific Equity Partners

"Peter is a leadership transformation master who has uncovered the art behind predictable leadership and business transformations."

Mark Weikel President and CEO, Luxottica

"Peter is a true pioneer in the business world, and the most effective management consultant I’ve ever met. He is an inspiration to me and all who work with him."

Russell Owen Global President, CSC

"Peter is a guru. There is not a leadership team, fabulous or dysfunctional, that he can’t transform to greatness."

Cynthia Whelan Chairman, Foxtel

"Peter has been one of my biggest sources of competitive advantage in business. Peter is a Zen Master to the modern CEO.”

Tim Castree Global CEO, Wavemaker