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FOCUS ON CONNECTION AND CONTRIBUTION In my last blog on leading in uncertain times, I encouraged you to lead yourself first. Namely, to double down on your wellbeing, shift from judgment to perception and ask better questions. If you missed that blog, you can get it here. In this blog, we’ll discuss

START BY LEADING YOURSELF The world is in the grip of Coronavirus chaos and market mayhem. Emotional contagion is spreading even faster than the virus. At a time like this, what do we want from our leaders? Calm, of course. We also want reassurance, compassion, hope and clarity about the pathways

This short blog and video is designed to help you explore possibility and potential; to conceive goals that are transformational, not incremental. The content comes from Enixa, my new digital product, which aims to democratize transformation Somersault into the future If we think about how we develop a goal, a vision

A version of this article appeared in the November 2011 issue of Harvard Business Review. Fire, snowball, mask, movie: How Leaders Spark and Sustain Change What does it take for an ineffective manager to become a highly effective leader? Talk to 50 top CEOs, management consultants, and academics, and you’ll get a different answer from

A Story of Leaders, Burning Ambition, and Alignment This article by Peter Fuda and Bradley A Winn appeared in the People + Strategy Journal. Most organizational transformation efforts fail. This is because our change management strategies are outdated and misguided. Said another way, “If doctors practiced medicine the way many companies practice

Only 8% of new year’s resolutions are achieved and the average person makes the same resolution ten times over without success. How is that possible? Insufficient motivation, limited know-how and a lack of support often play a part, but there is an additional, more important factor; our values. There is often

It’s great to have big goals and ambitions, but if we never establish our departure point, we dramatically reduce our odds of achieving those goals. Metaphorically speaking, we can’t map the fastest route to London until we know whether we’re leaving from Paris, New York or Sydney. When I first started

Even though all of the leaders I have worked with are unique, the common thread for most is that at the outset of their leadership journeys, they feel as though they are trapped in a repeating scenario – just like Phil Connors, the Pittsburgh TV weatherman played by Bill Murray