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High hopes are a precursor to high performance. To grow as a person and as a leader we must reject complacency and tap into the very best version of ourselves. ENIXA, coming soon, will help you be good enough to get better. Join the waitlist

Peter is passionate about transformation and has shared his philosophies, learnings and strategies in countless speaking engagements to hundreds of thousands of leaders, on four continents.

Leadership is a mindset, not a position. We often think that power and leadership are synonymous, but they are two very different things. ENIXA (coming soon) will help you think like a leader. Join the waitlist

From 'Burning Platform' to 'Burning Ambition' This animation brings to life the 'Fire' metaphor; one of Dr Peter Fuda's seven metaphors for leadership transformation. It describes the motivational forces that initiate and sustain transformation efforts, including a burning platform and burning ambition, as well as personal and organizational reasons for change.

Mask: How leaders conceal imperfections and adopt a persona Learn how leaders can drop their mask and embrace a more authentic approach to leadership.